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Carpet CleaningRX-20 Cleaning Machine

Hometown Floor Covering and Carpet Cleaning offers one of the best carpet cleaning methods available. Our certified carpet cleaning technicians, using our RX20, can do wonders for your carpet.

The van-mounted, RX20 hot water extraction method, is recognized by carpet manufacturers as a safe and effective cleaning system that complies with specific guidelines for proper carpet warranty maintenance. When using a system like the RX20, you can forget the "old myth" that frequent carpet cleaning is damaging to your carpet. In fact, the factories that produce carpet believe that this cleaning system used every six to twelve months may actually help prolong the life of your carpet.

Upholstery Cleaning

Our technicians are certified to clean upholstery and drapery fabrics of all types.

 Even tough stains can come out completely. For example, black permanent marker came out of a bright red sofa cushion.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Our cleaning technicians are also trained to tackle tile and grout jobs. Quit trying to bleach or scrub out those tough stains. Try the power of steam. It is a safe and effective cleaning method; and it will restore and rejuvenate your grout lines for a fraction of the cost of re-grouting.

Flood Restoration

We can help with the worst flood messes, including:

  • Flood damage from water leaks
  • Mold clean up

Restore or Replace?

  • In some cases, it may cost less to replace a flood-damaged carpet and pad than it would be to restore it. We can help you decide.

Real Estate Sale Solutions

Click here for simple solutions for moving your real estate sales more quickly.

There is a difference between cleaning systems.

We know our customers are looking for a cost-effective and safe carpet cleaning services. Our cleaning system features a carpet cleaning machine (Rx-20) that provides a thorough and satisfactory cleaning of your carpets. If you've ever had the misfortune of your carpets looking worse after they were "cleaned", you may wish to give our company a try.

The RX-20 carpet cleaning machine allows a level of consistency which a wand cleaning method cannot provide. Five jets, on this brushless rotary action cleaning machine, simultaneously flush and remove all dirt with over 450 hot water injections and extractions per minute. At the end of a long day, our operator is still able to clean just as effectively as at the beginning of the day--the machine is doing all the hard work.

The cleaning solutions we use are children, pet, and eco-friendly. The waste water from your carpet cleaning job is healthy for your plants, trees, and lawn.

You will notice that our cleaning method is superior to other methods for several reasons. 1) Our cleaning system is able to extract more water out of your carpets than a traditional wand cleaning tool, thus leaving them dry in about four hours. 2) At no additional cost to you, we immediately apply an acid rinse which restores the pH balance. This assures that all previous and present cleaning solution are neutralized so that dirt won't re-attract. 3) The final step is to apply a coating of stain protection, again at no additional charge.

We don't sell carpet cleaning in steps or package deals of good, better, and best. We do it right the first time. Our standard price includes all these benefits at a cost normally lower than other less effective systems and methods. If you are considering an apparently good deal on your next carpet cleaning purchase, beware of the fine print on those room dimensions. Sometimes room dimensions are given that don't even constitute an actual room size. Also check to see if the advertised price includes a neutralizing rinse and stain protection.

So give us a try by calling today to schedule your carpet cleaning appointment. Office phone: 970-587-8250

See the Difference

This light beige carpet sample was exposed to the elements and outdoor foot traffic.  It was heavily soiled within several weeks.  This sample shows the results of a normal two-pass cleaning method using the RX-20. The difference is very noticeable.


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